Church Attendance Tracking

Churches have a lot of things to do apart from simply preaching the Word to the people. They have to also ensure that their people are professing the faith and are not dwindling away. Church attendance tracking is something that helps the churches to know whether their members are attending their various activities or not. There are various tools that the churches use for this purpose, right from entries on church attendance sheets to technologically advanced software that has people's names on the church attendance database. This church attendance database is also used to record other information about the church members, such as information on their family, their residence, their special talents and contributions and even personal information that is of use to the church.

But in today's times, church attendance tracking has become a touchy subject. Church ministries are feeling it is becoming increasingly important to officially record the attendance of their members for various reasons, while a huge body of people is feeling it is not morally and legally right to make their church attendance permanently etched in such a manner. That is the reason why the subject of church membership tracking has become such a touchy subject in today's times. There is justification for both the parties involved.

The church ministries maintain that they need to keep their church attendance sheets in order for various reasons, least among which is to keep an idea of how many members actually attend their church services. This helps them to plan out future services, and to also keep tabs on how much the attendance can grow up to on special occasions like festive worship services. Church membership tracking also allows them to find out when a certain regular member has not attended the prayer services for a while, which could be indicative of some problem in their life. In that case, they might send church ministers to investigate the problem, and extend whatever help they can. This has actually been the case in almost every church in the world.

But, the most important thing is that church attendance tracking helps churches to work out their practical issues. They can find out which pastor in church draws the biggest crowd, for example, and they can find out what kind of prayer services the crowd likes the most. Then there are other things about the entire church organization, such as the performance of the choir group etc. that can be understood fro the results that come up in the church attendance sheets.

However, everyone is not quite so pleased with this routine that most churches are adopting today. These people are mostly those who do not attend church activities regularly, but do not want it known. They want to keep their church attendance patterns to themselves. Also, keeping such records for church attendance is a way of forcing them to attend, that's what they feel. There are also contentions about church attendance tracking being an invasion of their privacy.

On the other hand, people who are for church membership tracking claim that the church is a private body, and it has full rights to keep records about the people who attend their events.

This is how the tug-of-war goes on. But the fact of the matter is that church membership tracking is here to stay. At least, for now!

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