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Churches are parts of society that work and grow with participation of their members. Everyone who belongs to a church will contribute something materialistically or spiritually in order to help the church to grow. These contributions are in a way the living breath for the church, for all practical purposes. Churches do reward people who contribute freely too, but the biggest reward is something that is beyond the purview of any church, or indeed, the world itself. Anyways, it is very important that churches must keep proper records of the contributions they get. Without that, the church management could be in a shambles, as the church itself would not know what assets it has. In order to very effectively manage the contributions they receive, churches use what is known as church contributions software.

The name says it all. Church contribution software is a software application that helps churches to keep records of all the contributions that it gets. The first kind of contribution that is recorded, which is also the easiest, is the monetary donation. All churches have a collection box, and they also pass envelops during prayer services so that the faithful members of the church can put their contributions in them. Some churches also have a contribution called as tithe. In olden days, the tithe was 10% of the total income of the person. Today there are various rules for tithing. But these are the contributions that constantly keep coming into the church, and with thousands of members attending prayer services sometimes, it becomes very difficult to keep track of it all. Church contributions software helps to keep record of these contributions that come in.

These records are never made public, and they are often designed in such a way that no one - not even the ministries - come to know who has donated how much. Only the total collection will be recorded and studied. But, of course, if churches so wish, there are features within the program in which they can accurately record how much contribution each family, individual member or community has made to the church. Recording information per community is ideal for churches, because they can then find out statistical information about the communities in their purview.

Church contribution software is often available in conjunction with church accounting software, which incidentally is one of the main reasons why contribution software is used in the first place. In most areas, the contributions and donations made to the churches are exempt of tax, or they follow different rules of taxation. But to avail of this, churches need to keep immaculate records of the donations and contributions they get. By linking the contributions with the church accounting software, the churches can do this easily, and even send reports to the accounting authorities of the nation, if needed.

Another similar software application that is linked with church accounting software is the church donation software. Church donation software keeps records of the donations that the churches get from various members.

In today's scenario, it is difficult to imagine churches existing without such software tools to help them out. They are certainly making the churches function more effectively and spread their faith to their denizens.

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