Church File Security

This is important - churches are maintaining highly important information about their members. But, apart from a few large churches, in general, they are not concerning themselves much about the security of these files that they have in their offices. Church file security is a much needed thing, more so because the number of identity thefts is increasing on a global scale. With all due respect to churches, we know that these organizations are quite vulnerable to crime as was seen in the global terrorist attacks on churches in past years. We really need to buckle up our armor and give church file security all the importance that it deserves.

Today almost all churches are investing in church data security. This is not exactly a monetary investment, because such programs can be freely downloaded from the Internet. Some of these are sold as freeware file security programs, while some of these could charge a nominal amount for their own maintenance. Whatever the case is, there is not much difference between them. Freeware file security programs may also be bundled with other vital programs required for the proper functioning of the churches such as church accounting software and church attendance tracking software.

First, let us understand why church data security is so important. For that, we need to know what kinds of records churches keep. Most churches will maintain birth records of their members. They will also have their contact details which include telephone numbers, email addresses and even their physical addresses. Not just that; churches also retain the names of every family member within their communities. It is very easy to understand why these kinds of information could be very desirable to an antisocial element. We have already mentioned identity theft here, and that's how unscrupulous people will take advantage of this situation. Yes, they won't even spare churches to get at what they want. We need to wake up to this reality.

Churches that have websites of their own with databases of their members are much more vulnerable. In fact they are more vulnerable than the churches that maintain paper files because of the reason that Internet crime is a global phenomenon. For them, it becomes exceedingly important to invest in church data security tools. These tools can fortify a church website in several ways. Password protection is just one of the things that they can do. These tools have their own set of firewalls and adware and spyware programs. They have codes to thwart all kinds of malicious codes trying to gain entry into the church computer or website. These software applications can be used so that the website can be accessible to only a few chosen people. Even some parameters can be set so that no one except the chosen church minister can look after the upkeep of the website.

Just as churches are warmly accepting church accounting software, it is very necessary that they consider church file security software with the same acceptance too. Without that, they are increasing the chances of attacks into their own parish, and we are not talking about physical attacks here. The virtual attacks are much more dangerous than actual physical assaults.

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