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The latest developments and innovations in communication and computer technologies have brought in tremendous changes in various fields of life. Library software is one among the many, gifted to us by modern Science and technology. Every thing in the maintenance of a library such as means of collection of valuable information, the ways of storage, processing, preservation of data, and transmission of information all have seen a dramatic change due to this software, which is widely being used all over.

Churches are no exception to it. Software technology has shown its presence even in Church library management in various ways. Church Library software is one among them. It's the choice of the Church management whether to have a library as a mere existence or as a source of knowledge and wisdom. Basic characteristics of a well maintained library in addition to good books, multimedia products such as CD-ROMs, tapes, laser discs, and videos is a proper management of the library. Software is being widely used in Church Libraries due to various benefits.

By using the software Churches can store unlimited number of books and vast information with a very minimal physical storage capacity. The software is user friendly and the readers can just download the book data from Internet as and when required and as much as needed thus saving lot of their valuable time. The software enables quick connection to the Library, thus helping faster data retrieval along with offering context sensitive help. It can be customized as per the need of the end user to meet their specific requirements such as changing the data field names, hiding the fields when not in use and such others. The data fields enables user to catalog wide range of information under various categories such as title, publisher, author, editor, translator, date of publishing, ISBN number, number of pages, source title, edition, purchase date and price, market price, condition, ownership title, ratings, awards and nominations, synopsis, comments, and reviews. The software provides more than 30 custom data fields. The software helps storage of important information such as pictures of authors, book covers and so on. Another greatest advantage is finding the needed data in no time using key words and sorting data by any field.

Report making is also now very easy task using the software. Reports can be made as per one's own idea with ease or even with the help of pre-defined reports, which are available in more than 80 modes. Tracking the books, which are given on loan, keeping a check periodically on the list of books out on loan with, full details such as the name of the person, time since it has been let out and the title of the book for easy tracing.

There are various software's being developed for small libraries to larger ones to meet their requirements. Few of them are Resource Mate 3.0, Small Library Organizer Pro, Request Manager, Library Media, Book Master, PC Card Catalog, Surpass Software, Library 1.7, Pittsburgh Resource Center Software and so on.

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