Church Management Software

Churches the world over are looking for automation to meet the pressing demands of this technological world.For this purpose several software packages have been developed to help in the running of the church. With many churches operating with a limited budget, this has indeed become a pressing requirement both for the present and the future. Today, software has been developed for monitoring the various activities of a church administration such as attendance tracking, accounting,growth planning, financial analysis,etc.

This Church management software can be broadly divided into those that cater to people-centric activities and others that cater to different activities associated with the functioning of the church.There is a slight difference between running a church and other organisations. Church like many other non-profit organisations should be run efficiently but should be done with love and respect. Training people appropriately in the use of the system is equally important for its overall efficiency. Church helpmate is one of many such software which is efficient and easy to use. Simplifying difficult tasks and providing automation of various church activities is what this software promises to acheive.The various activities that this software attempts to take care of include Pledges, Meetings of Individuals , Households, etc. This software also helps pastors to improve their efficiency in conducting the ministries.

Some of the companies which offer good Church managment softwares are Helpmate technologies, ACS technologies, Power Church,White mountain, etc. These companies offer various systems for the purpose of managment of the church affairs. Church Management Tracking System" (CMTSTM for Windows®) is one such software that processes donor contributions, and also helps in maintaining proper accounts regarding the funds available with the church.

The other Church software products available from different companies include the church management software system from Parishioner Database and Church Radius.The church software system, Parishioner Database, records and reports membership data. With a single click of the mouse, the system also enables the user to create quality reports of these activities. Using the relational database concepts the system monitors various activities allowing for information on family and individual data in a single snapshot. Being very user friendly, the data is made available to all modules once the basic membership data is fed. People with no prior knowledge of database systems can also produce reports of the networked environment with different queries. Church Radius is a church management software that helps in the efficient use of various resources that are at the disposal of the church. The program runs on any system that is web enabled and is running on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

Another company CMS has also offered its product range of church management for efficient running of churches. CMS(Church Management Solutions) established in 1985 is another efficient church managment software which has modules on attendance, payroll, membership, contribution etc. The product features online church calendar, data backups, free email accounts etc.The company also promises to provide training and help when there is any glitche with the system .

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