Small Church Accounting Programs

If you think that churches are still keeping their records manually, you are much mistaken. With churches having thousands of members and hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions coming in each week in most churches, it is very difficult for them to maintain records in the ways that they used to do traditionally. But at the same time, we must know that churches are considered as business organizations and for that reason, church accounting becomes a very serious issue. In addition, the members who contribute or donate to the church are also exempt from certain taxes and hence these records need to be very particularly kept.

All this is quite difficult if churches don't use specific software tools such as small church accounting software. Known by other names such as church financial software and church bookkeeping software, the main purpose of this program is to keep perfect records of the inflows and outflows of church monetary sources. But then, there's much more that church accounting software applications are needed to do. The following is a list of some of these functions.

1. The first thing that needs to be done is keeping records of the finances. Church financial software can keep perfect records, down to the last penny, of all the money that comes into the church. This includes the money that comes in through contributions, donations, tithes and other ways of sponsorship and even payments for church grounds usage and other such services that the church provides. Then there are the outgoings that have to be looked into. This includes the expenses the church does in conducting special events, monies that the church gives to the poor and other deserving people of the community, the bills that the church has to pay and the taxes where applicable. Church financial software helps the churches to maintain and automatically produce their balance sheets at the end of the accounting year also.

2. The small church bookkeeping software becomes invaluable when there are special fundraising drives that the church organizes. Churches do that often, during special festivals or in cases of emergencies. At such times, a system is required to maintain the money that is coming in.

3. Then there are the people who provide their services to the church and get paid in terms of cash for the services they render. In the eyes of the government, the church is a business organization and these people are the staff. Hence, it becomes necessary to keep proper records of the manner in which these people are paid. The church bookkeeping software also helps to keep records of all the monetary compensations that are doled out to people for providing their services to the church on a short term basis whenever they can.

These are just some of the things that the church accounting programs can do. In fact, accounting software is a part of the whole church management software package which includes several other features that are needed to keep track of the overall functioning of the church. Church management software may include worship software, attendance tracking software, contributions software, communication software and security software in addition to the accounting software.

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